Job Interviews Questions

Guidelines for any SEO job Interviews

Here, some very helpful guidelines and questions to crack any SEO Interview to expose you as a SEO expert for any SEO based company
Now days, Internet is most preferred platform for any kind of business. High in online marketing cause the demand for SEM experts. More is the competition; tougher are challenges in SEO industry. So companies need a person, who has skillfulness in logic, query solving, reasoning and most important creative thinking. Along with these skills, during interview they will check the theoretical knowledge and communication skills through the objectives. Most expected quality in a SEO expert is how the candidate performs in promoting a website and so that website can progress in various search engines. Another thing is that how you will get more traffic on the website.

Keeping in mind all the required skills and expectation from a SEO experts, here are some mainly asked questions and their answers for successful interview performing. These are also very helpful to express knowledge about the SEO and SEO services and to precise as a SEO expert.

Here is the List of frequently asked questions in SEO interview.

Q1) Describe search engines?
Ans: Search Engines are tool for searching the Specific Information on the World Wide Web.
Q 2) What are constrains responsible for success on Google Page Rank?
Ans: Links are the major constrain for the Google Page Rank, because how much the page has back links; more will be the rank of page.
How older is website, that makes trust and advantageous for the Google rank. Another thing Google observed for ranking are more number of pages, incoming links and
other pages within the website.
Q 3) Explains the concept of Meta Tags.
Ans: Hidden keywords in the content of the Page, which can be seen by Search only and not by users.
Q 4) What is a Title Tags and its significance?
Ans: Title tag is title element for the page or document; it is most important factor for ranking. Unique and accurately describing content title gives a good rank for
page in various search engines.
Q 5) What is the use of Site Map?
Ans: It is properly organized list of pages of content, which can be accessed by user also on website. The catalog presentation of the pages of the website is required
for Search Engines. Site map make website more search engine friendly.
Q 6) what is Blog Flipping?
Ans: To get popularity and traffic for website, user registers a domain and for SEO result use to add content this is called blog flipping.
Q 7) What is the Robots.txt File and use of it?
Ans: on the text file, where the instructions given by the web owner to the web robot are the robots.txt files. Files are used to create and implement rules for the
website or specific area of the website.
Q 8) What is PPC
Ans. PPC is the very popular technique of Online Advertisement for direct traffic to your website, where advertiser should pay for per click to publisher.
Q 9) How the choice and use of Keywords effects the Optimization?
Ans: Appropriate choice of the popular and preferable keywords for related content makes the Success in optimization. Overusing of keywords will produce the bad result
for website. 3-4% keyword density per page will give beat and accurate result for the website.
Q 10) What is Black Hat SEO?
Ans: Black hat SEO is an unprincipled technic used to attain high rank, which is commonly used for quicker financial result foe any website.
Q 11) What is cloaking?
Ans. Cloaking is a technic in which content on website for the viewers and search engine are different.
Q 12) Which are the most main regions for using appropriate keyword?
Ans: Title of the content and body of the content are the main regions for using appropriate keywords.
Q 13) Who is considered as Guru of search engine?
Ans. Danny Sullivan
Q 14) How would you monitor ranking?
Ans. Using monitoring tool like Google monitor tool we can monitor the ranking of website.
Q15) Which is the most important aspect of SEO services?
Ans. Getting good traffic to the website higher rank in different search engines is the most important aspect of SEO services.

Here are some more frequently asked questions in any SEO interview.

Q 16) What is keyword proximity?
Q 17) What are the other techniques for restricting any webpage from the search index?
Q 18) What is the major aspect that affects the ranking of any website?
Q 19) What is domain Age and does it play any kind of role in SEO?
Q 20) How many headline tags used in HTML?
Q21) What is SGML and how it associated in web designing?
Q 22) what are Webmaster Tools?
Q 23) how to handle the duplicate page in the website?
Q 24) What is a landing page?
Q 25) What is Web2.0 ?

Some questions commonly asked about the experience in SEO

Q 1) In which business sectors you have previously worked for SEO?
Q 2) Tell us about your biggest success and mistake in SEO?
Q 3) What methods you commonly used for link building?
Q 4) In which side of SEO you want to more involve?
Q 5) Who is the ideal for you in the SEO industry? Why?
Q 6) Which SEO tool do you commonly prefer/
Q 7) Give some examples for your copywriting skills?
Q 8) What is your opinion about paid links?
Q 9) Tell us your opinion about paid links?
Q 10) Where do you see yourself with this experience in the SEO industry?