Google Adword Certification

Google has become an unpredictable leader of internet technology, who brings several twist and regulations for web entrepreneurs which turns into a storm for entire world. Google with the ever changing and developing world is always coming up with different strategies and updates to strengthen its power in this innovative and professional sector. As a result it frequently generates huge revenues through advertisements via Google AdWords.

Google AdWords Program is all about to bolster professionals to join the advertising network and get an ease for simple operation, targeting audience precisely and pay money only when people click (PPC) your ads, no matter what your budget is. To give a clear idea of AdWords Training Program in Gurgaon, Google has come up with number of learning resources which even conducts an online exam to certify the ability; this entire procedure is known as Google AdWords Certification. In simple words, Google AdWords Certification Course provides AdWords qualifications to those agencies that pass the exams and other criteria of the web world.

How to Qualify Google AdWords Certification Program

To award certification, Google has set criteria of one fundamental and three advanced exams. The agency or entrepreneur has to qualify the fundamental exam along with one of the advanced exams. Apart from Fundamental exam, the advance exams are consist of three sub categories including reporting & analysis, display advertising and search advertising. The professionals need to pass any of these programs along with fundamental to get the authentic of Google AdWords.

Leverages of Google AdWords Certification

class="text-justify"To become qualified agency in Google AdWords, professionals must study and update their search and marketing skills in way to apply for exam and get certification as well. Google AdWords Certification advantages are as follows:

Revised, authentic and practical knowledge of latest tools of AdWords
Efficient and effective techniques enable professionals to easily manage AdWords campaigns
Approval on globally recognized stamp for essential AdWords knowledge
It becomes a plus point in one’s resume to have great proficiency, knowledge and AdWords skills.
Once you achieve certification, bring people in notice to have great knowledge of advanced exams covering search, display, reporting & analysis

Exam Specifics and Fee for Google AdWords certification

The examination panel has set criteria for exam which comprises of several different levels and aspects. Professionals are tested on real-time question and answer round which reflects the strong grasp of AdWords product of applicant before moving to the final testing program. To keep pace with the ongoing AdWords changes, the exams criteria are frequently updated. Now the exam comprises of 100 questions and the time limit to get it done is 2 hours. The passing score of fundamental exam round is about 85%, whereas for other examinations of advance level has different percentage such as for 80% for Search Advertising, 75% for Reporting and Analysis, and 70% for Display Advertising. The fee for these AdWords Certification exams starts from US$50 and in case the expertise had cleared two exams the fee will become double and reach to US$100. Online payment of fee is acceptable by the certification authority.

How to qualify exam?

Reputed SEO training companies and institutes are available to provide practical as well as factual training to learners and make familiar with master Google AdWords. Among all popular training companies in India, we are one of them who assure learners to enhance their AdWords skills and make successful Search Engine Marketing Professionals. We feel pride on our proficient teachers to provide effective training to learners. To know more, consult the agency and soon our professionals will consider and assist you on your query.

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