Overview of SMO or SMM
Lecture 1.1 Introduction to Social Media and its need
Lecture 1.2 Introduction to Social Networking Sites
Lecture 1.3 Various Social Media Strategy
Lecture 1.4 SMO V/s SMM
Lecture 1.5 Social Bookmarking v/s Social Networking
Facebook Promotion
Lecture 2.1 Brief introduction about Facebook latest trends
Lecture 2.2 Creating Profiles, Pages, Groups, Locations, Brands, Company
Lecture 2.3 Various Social Media Strategy
Lecture 2.4 Branding Facebook page through managing and retention
Lecture 2.5 Understanding Facebook apps
Lecture 2.6 Advantages and challenges
Lecture 2.7 Facebook Page insights
Lecture 2.8 Various Paid boost, reporting, measuring and monitoring
Lecture 2.9 Post Level and page Level data Analysis
Lecture 2.10 Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Page
Lecture 2.10 Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Page
Linkedin Promotion
Lecture 3.1 Introduction to LinkedIn and How it works
Lecture 3.2 Creating Individual profiles and Company Pages
Lecture 3.3 Putting right contents and images
Lecture 3.4 Sharing post, articles, images and news on various groups.
Lecture 3.5 Answers, messaging, testimonials and connecting with several people
Lecture 3.6 Running paid campaigns, measuring and monitoring
Video Marketing
Lecture 4.1 Introduction to YouTube and its different tools
Lecture 4.2 Using Write Content and relevant URLs
Lecture 4.3 Uploading Images, Video or creating slideshows
Lecture 4.4 Social Sharing, Comments and Reviews
Lecture 4.5 Defining Goals, metrics and budgets
Lecture 4.6 Getting audience creating promotion videos or ads inside the video
Lecture 5.1 Introduction to microblogging & Twitter
Lecture 5.2 Different types of business promotion like PR Image, E-commerce, Blogs and Business
Lecture 5.3 Creating Twitter Accounts, profiling and using hashtags
Lecture 5.4 Paid Advertising, measuring and monitoring
Lecture 6.1 Creating profile and Google+ Page
Lecture 6.2 Sharing, Commenting and reviews on Google Posts
Lecture 6.3 URL Shortening tools
Lecture 6.4 Social Tactics and strategies of Google+ promotion
Lecture 7.1 Introduction to Pinterest
Lecture 7.2 Creating profile and Brand Pages
Lecture 7.3 Followers and Followings
Lecture 7.4 Pin Likes, Re-Pin and Commenting
Blogging & Google Adsense
Lecture 8.1 Understanding and Creating Blogs on WordPress, Blogspot etc
Lecture 8.2 Content, images, and video uploading
Lecture 8.3 Sharing blogs on various social media platforms
Lecture 8.4 Inviting likes, comments, reviews through organic and paid campaigns
Lecture 8.5 Monitoring and analyzing blog traffic through Google Analytics
Social Bookmarking
Lecture 9.1 Introduction to Social Bookmarking
Lecture 9.2 Finding high DA and PA Social Networking sites
Lecture 9.3 Creating profiles on StrumleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, Digg etc
Lecture 9.4 Inviting likes, comments, reviews through organic and paid campaigns
Lecture 9.5 Sharing relevant URLs, Images, and infographics
Lecture 10.1 SMO Tools like Hootsuite
Lecture 10.2 Live projects
Lecture 10.3 100% Job Assistance
Lecture 10.4 Exposure of freelancing projects