Digital Marketing Training Overview:-
Lecture 1.1 Understanding of Digital Marketing
Lecture 1.2 Importance and tools of Digital Marketing
Lecture 1.3 How digital Marketing works
Lecture 1.4 Overview of various search engines
Overview of Website and Web Services
Lecture 2.1 Introduction about Website, Domain, Hosting & Serve
Lecture 2.1 Different types of website
Lecture 2.3 Live working on WordPress Website
Lecture 2.4 Optimizing website and integration of plugins & Social Networking sites
Lecture 2.5 Working on Admin panel and Cpanel
Search Engine Optimization or SEO
Lecture 3.1 What is SEO and its importance?
Lecture 3.2 Google Algorithms and updates via Panda & penguin
Lecture 3.3 SERP and How it works
Lecture 3.4 Various techniques of SEO
Lecture 3.5 ON Page SEO covering Meta, URLS, Keywords and much more
Lecture 3.6 Off Page optimization and its techniques
Lecture 3.6 Inbound v/s outbound links
Lecture 3.7 Content Marketing
Lecture 3.7 Content Marketing
Social Media Optimization or SMO
Lecture 4.1 Introduction to Social Media Optimization
Lecture 4.2 SMO Vs. SMM
Lecture 4.3 Introducing Social Networking Platforms
Lecture 4.4 Creating pages, profiles, and sharing
Lecture 4.5 Creating paid campaigns and analyzing ROI through reports
Lecture 4.6 Video Marketing
Google Adwords and Analytics
Lecture 5.1 Introduction to Google Adwords
Lecture 5.2 Creating Paid Campaigns
Lecture 5.3 Creating Search ads, Display ads, Shopping ads and more
Lecture 5.4 Budgeting, bidding, and reporting
Lecture 5.5 Integration of Google Webmaster Tool and analyzing the website performance
Lecture 5.6 Google Analytics and measuring ROI & Traffic
Ecommerce Web Marketing
Lecture 6.1 Introduction to E-commerce Website
Lecture 6.2 Website Vs Portal
Lecture 6.3 Promoting Ecommerce website
Lecture 6.4 Paid promotion via display ads and product listing
Lecture 7.1 Introduction to various paid and free tools
Lecture 7.2 100% Job Assistance
Lecture 7.3 Live projects Training
Lecture 7.4 Exposure of Google absence
Lecture 7.5 Introduction to Email Marketing and SMS Marketing
Lecture 7.6 Introduction of affiliate marketing