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Google has become an unpredictable leader of internet technology, who brings several twist and regulations for web entrepreneurs which turns into a storm for entire world. Google with the ever changing and developing world is always coming up with different strategies and updates to strengthen its power in this innovative and professional sector. As a result it frequently generates huge revenues through advertisements via Google AdWords.

Google AdWords Program is all about to bolster professionals to join the advertising network and get an ease for simple operation, targeting audience precisely and pay money only when people click (PPC) your ads, no matter what your budget is. To give a clear idea of AdWords Training Program in Gurgaon, Google has come up with number of learning resources which even conducts an online exam to certify the ability; this entire procedure is known as Google AdWords Certification. In simple words, Google AdWords Certification Course provides AdWords qualifications to those agencies that pass the exams and other criteria of the web world.

How to Qualify Google AdWords Certification Program

To award certification, Google has set criteria of one fundamental and three advanced exams. The agency or entrepreneur has to qualify the fundamental exam along with one of the advanced exams. Apart from Fundamental exam, the advance exams are consist of three sub categories including reporting & analysis, display advertising and search advertising. The professionals need to pass any of these programs along with fundamental to get the authentic of Google AdWords.

Leverages of Google AdWords Certification

To become qualified agency in Google AdWords, professionals must study and update their search and marketing skills in way to apply for exam and get certification as well. Google AdWords Certification advantages are as follows:

Revised, authentic and practical knowledge of latest tools of AdWords
Efficient and effective techniques enable professionals to easily manage AdWords campaigns
Approval on globally recognized stamp for essential AdWords knowledge
It becomes a plus point in one’s resume to have great proficiency, knowledge and AdWords skills.
Once you achieve certification, bring people in notice to have great knowledge of advanced exams covering search, display, reporting & analysis

Exam Specifics and Fee for Google AdWords certification

The examination panel has set criteria for exam which comprises of several different levels and aspects. Professionals are tested on real-time question and answer round which reflects the strong grasp of AdWords product of applicant before moving to the final testing program. To keep pace with the ongoing AdWords changes, the exams criteria are frequently updated. Now the exam comprises of 100 questions and the time limit to get it done is 2 hours. The passing score of fundamental exam round is about 85%, whereas for other examinations of advance level has different percentage such as for 80% for Search Advertising, 75% for Reporting and Analysis, and 70% for Display Advertising. The fee for these AdWords Certification exams starts from US$50 and in case the expertise had cleared two exams the fee will become double and reach to US$100. Online payment of fee is acceptable by the certification authority.

How to qualify exam?

Reputed SEO training companies and institutes are available to provide practical as well as factual training to learners and make familiar with master Google AdWords. Among all popular training companies in India, we are one of them who assure learners to enhance their AdWords skills and make successful Search Engine Marketing Professionals. We feel pride on our proficient teachers to provide effective training to learners. To know more, consult the agency and soon our professionals will consider and assist you on your query.

Google AdWords Certification Institute Located at Sector-14, Gurgaon, India

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Advanced Internet Marketing Course

Duration of Course: 03 Months
Fees: 25,000 INR

  • Our especially designed Advanced Internet Marketing Course includes:
  • Professional SEO Learning Course
  • Setting expectations and timescales for SEO campaigns
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • Social Media & Network Marketing
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Website Analytics in SEO
  • Web Usability
  • Real time website analytics and performance monitoring
  • Avoiding Google Penalty
  • Broken Links checking and Fixing
  • W3c Validation
  • RSS
  • Local Business promotion
  • Advanced Link Building and concept of Link Popularity
  • SEO Tools
  • Google Panda Update
  • Live Project

Professional SEO Learning Course

Duration of Course : 02 Months
Fees : 15,000 INR

Professional SEO Learning Course in a major part of our Internet Marketing Training Program.

This course includes:


  • SEO Fundamentals & Best Practices
  • Introduce to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc
  • How major search engines rank websites
  • How to search engine works
  • Concepts and processes of Search Engine Optimization
  • Importance and principles of Google Page Rank System
  • Creating a Search Engine friendly website
  • Website architecture analysis
  • Black Hat / White Hat / Grey Hat SEO
  • Site Structure Analysis
  • How to check a website for search engine friendliness using free SEO tools
  • SEO Barriers – Frames, Flash, Poor Internal Linking, JavaScript Navigation Systems, etc
  • How to identify areas of improvement in existing websites
  • Content Development & SEO Copywriting
  • Keyword Research tool & Competitor Analysis using right SEO tools
  • Creating winning and effective Meta tags
  • Internal(Inside Pages) Linking Strategies
  • Use of headers, bolded and italicized text
  • Techniques for Content Writing & SEO Copywriting
  • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
  • Importance of Online Syndication
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Classified Posting
  • Forums Profiling and Posting
  • Link Building Techniques
  • Build Link Pyramids
  • Link Wheel
  • Title Tag Creation
  • Meta Tags Creation
  • Link management techniques
  • SEO for mobile devices
  • Google Sandbox Effect
  • All about quality links
  • Live Project Internet Marketing Training

SEO Institute

SEO Training Institute Gurgaon

WE ARE PROVIDE SEO SERVICES AND SEO LEARNING PROGRAM, Internet Marketing Course Have very bright feature in internet marketing industry, after accomplishing the SEO course and great opportunity to join top MNC company with generous package.

Our SEO Courses are designed in such way that student can obtain whole knowledge of SEO in very logical and defined manner. Professional SEO Learning Course and Advanced Internet Marketing Courses are the doors open to all for entering in the world of web business.

The top brands, companies, upcoming businesses and individuals also choose us to work for them; we are the best service providers and excellent training giving Centre. Just search for SEO Training in Gurgaon, SEO Course in Gurgaon, SEO Institute in Gurgaon and SEO Classes in Gurgaon will give the result.

For making bright feature in online marketing and for becoming expert of web business, SEO Training Institute in Gurgaon will be the only ideal place for anybody with the assurance of the satisfactory job in superior organization. With once you learner join the course, it’s our responsibility to get the employment in Search engine optimization services zone. Search engine optimization Training in Gurgaon offers courses of SMO,SEO (Search engine optimization)and online marketing with the
professional as well as advance skills. Being an expert of the web marketing industry, our training will give perfection for how to get and maintain the top position in indexing of search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

The term optimization is just expression of being perfect, effective and well-organized. Search engine optimization is a technique of optimizing the web sites for the maximum search engine results.

Process of optimization work includes:-

Learn SEO – Meta Data Submission to search engines like Google, Market and Keyword Research, Directory Submission, Blog Submission, Submitting Articles, Press Announcements Submission,

Description Local marketing , Creating Robots file Writing And Creating site-maps, Free Classifieds, Forums Posting, Image tag optimization, Video optimization, Back link Building,

Google website owner tools, Google Statistics, Yahoo Feed Submission, Black Hat /Whitened Hat / Gray Hat Search engine optimization Etc.

Internet search engine:-

SEO is the short form of Search engine optimization, process which searches the specification and gives index result of web sites. When web sites get created, it needs to come over the first page of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. SEO & SMO techniques are the only solution for promoting the web site.

Need of the Search engine optimization course:-

SEO Tech Experts is the one of the outstanding training providing institute will make candidate expert of internet marketing. Being optimized web site is the need of all entrepreneurs, small company proprietors, sales and marketing professionals. By the increasing visibility of the site is the way for the growth of business in Internet Marketing. Search engine courses are necessary to compute in race of internet business.

Measures of Search engine optimization Training:-

SEO Institute in Gurgaon will give basic and professional level knowledge with all the advance techniques of Search engine optimization. Along with all technique knowledge will also make perfection practically also. Finally candidate will be eligible to start career in internet marketing industry by joining MNC companies with getting significant packages. Professional Search engine optimization also generates employments for freelance workers. So optimization Institute has huge opportunity
of employment for everyone. Search engine optimization courses give the wonderful chance of working on live projects under the direction of professionals. The management program is just made to experience professional atmosphere for to applying techniques in real time. SEO experts will be always there to guide and solve the queries. 100% job placement is also the best feature of our training course.

Beneficial output:-

SEO institute in Gurgaon is the big organizations having complex with all the required facilities and high speed internet. The highlight is faculty of the Institution, who will help candidate understanding the skills and strategies of search engine optimization. Guest faculty, who are the masters of advance techniques of search engines and internet marketing, will come to explore the advance knowledge. Our method of teaching is quite distinct from other so that candidate can be easily learned the inches and outs of search engine optimization. Due to perfect service offering for internet marketing, we have been getting optimization work regularly. This will offer chance of working on live project. The real time experiences cause the great job opportunity.


Our Syllabus of SEO course includes demonstrated process and methods used in our SEO services. Even course will teach the candidate what should be avoided for better results. How one will have success in internet marketing industry.


SEO Training Made Easy Program

best training institute in gurgaonToday for any business internet is the biggest platform for advertisement. Keeping our position on top is difficult task, a professional can only be stand in the computation. Search Engine Optimization is the way, which decides who will stand in the computation of internet marketing. This is the only way to keep your business position a high and get your expected revenues.

Those who are absorbed with internet business, they should have SEO training so that they will have upsurge in their returns. These training programs will give you all knowledge about the internet marketing. Now SEO Training Institute in Gurgaon opens for exploring all approaches businesses on Internet. Through this training you will learn all the SEO skills SMO strategies. For this training course there is no need of any academic experience. SEO Coaching School will provide additional knowledge
about website designing and developing. So that candidates will be able to design and develop their own sites. Through the SEO course training they will compute their business in the internet world.

This six months training program is designed in such way that candidate will have theoretical knowledge as well as complete practical knowledge. SEO experts will be available for all training and guide you through the Practice sessions. In this training period you will work on live projects in practical sessions. This absolute training will create you ruler of SEO and you would be a master of online marketing. This would be a golden chance to get successful career in the competitive field.

Our highly experience professional will trained you, in such way that you will get 100% placement. After this SEO training course, candidate will have high confidence to work on live projects because they will have all the knowledge about the SEO and online marketing. Their practical training will make them able to face the computation and challenges in professional world.

SEO Institute in Gurgaon is a stair which gives you a huge chance to achieve your goals and to be the master of internet marketing. Our institute target you all the techniques of SEO and SMO which help you in getting high rank in all most of the search engine.


Training Duration: 90 Hours Training Fee: 45,000 (All Examination Cost, Books, Tools included)

Your Career After Completed SEO Course:-

  • Get job in Top Internet Marketing Companies as SEO Executive
  • Work as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consultant
  • Start your own SEO work from Home
  • Why Join SEO Training Institute?
  • SEO Training by Professional SEO Experts
  • Comprehensive and New Search Engine updates Updated SEO Course Assignments
  • SEO Institute with Modern Classrooms
  • Website Promotion Training with Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Institute Provides to You A Live Project for practice on Training
  • Weekend, Alternate days and Weekday Batches
  • 100% Job Assistance

Job Interviews Questions

Guidelines for any SEO job Interviews

Here, some very helpful guidelines and questions to crack any SEO Interview to expose you as a SEO expert for any SEO based company
Now days, Internet is most preferred platform for any kind of business. High in online marketing cause the demand for SEM experts. More is the competition; tougher are challenges in SEO industry. So companies need a person, who has skillfulness in logic, query solving, reasoning and most important creative thinking. Along with these skills, during interview they will check the theoretical knowledge and communication skills through the objectives. Most expected quality in a SEO expert is how the candidate performs in promoting a website and so that website can progress in various search engines. Another thing is that how you will get more traffic on the website.

Keeping in mind all the required skills and expectation from a SEO experts, here are some mainly asked questions and their answers for successful interview performing. These are also very helpful to express knowledge about the SEO and SEO services and to precise as a SEO expert.

Here is the List of frequently asked questions in SEO interview.

Q1) Describe search engines?
Ans: Search Engines are tool for searching the Specific Information on the World Wide Web.
Q 2) What are constrains responsible for success on Google Page Rank?
Ans: Links are the major constrain for the Google Page Rank, because how much the page has back links; more will be the rank of page.
How older is website, that makes trust and advantageous for the Google rank. Another thing Google observed for ranking are more number of pages, incoming links and
other pages within the website.
Q 3) Explains the concept of Meta Tags.
Ans: Hidden keywords in the content of the Page, which can be seen by Search only and not by users.
Q 4) What is a Title Tags and its significance?
Ans: Title tag is title element for the page or document; it is most important factor for ranking. Unique and accurately describing content title gives a good rank for
page in various search engines.
Q 5) What is the use of Site Map?
Ans: It is properly organized list of pages of content, which can be accessed by user also on website. The catalog presentation of the pages of the website is required
for Search Engines. Site map make website more search engine friendly.
Q 6) what is Blog Flipping?
Ans: To get popularity and traffic for website, user registers a domain and for SEO result use to add content this is called blog flipping.
Q 7) What is the Robots.txt File and use of it?
Ans: on the text file, where the instructions given by the web owner to the web robot are the robots.txt files. Files are used to create and implement rules for the
website or specific area of the website.
Q 8) What is PPC
Ans. PPC is the very popular technique of Online Advertisement for direct traffic to your website, where advertiser should pay for per click to publisher.
Q 9) How the choice and use of Keywords effects the Optimization?
Ans: Appropriate choice of the popular and preferable keywords for related content makes the Success in optimization. Overusing of keywords will produce the bad result
for website. 3-4% keyword density per page will give beat and accurate result for the website.
Q 10) What is Black Hat SEO?
Ans: Black hat SEO is an unprincipled technic used to attain high rank, which is commonly used for quicker financial result foe any website.
Q 11) What is cloaking?
Ans. Cloaking is a technic in which content on website for the viewers and search engine are different.
Q 12) Which are the most main regions for using appropriate keyword?
Ans: Title of the content and body of the content are the main regions for using appropriate keywords.
Q 13) Who is considered as Guru of search engine?
Ans. Danny Sullivan
Q 14) How would you monitor ranking?
Ans. Using monitoring tool like Google monitor tool we can monitor the ranking of website.
Q15) Which is the most important aspect of SEO services?
Ans. Getting good traffic to the website higher rank in different search engines is the most important aspect of SEO services.

Here are some more frequently asked questions in any SEO interview.

Q 16) What is keyword proximity?
Q 17) What are the other techniques for restricting any webpage from the search index?
Q 18) What is the major aspect that affects the ranking of any website?
Q 19) What is domain Age and does it play any kind of role in SEO?
Q 20) How many headline tags used in HTML?
Q21) What is SGML and how it associated in web designing?
Q 22) what are Webmaster Tools?
Q 23) how to handle the duplicate page in the website?
Q 24) What is a landing page?
Q 25) What is Web2.0 ?

Some questions commonly asked about the experience in SEO

Q 1) In which business sectors you have previously worked for SEO?
Q 2) Tell us about your biggest success and mistake in SEO?
Q 3) What methods you commonly used for link building?
Q 4) In which side of SEO you want to more involve?
Q 5) Who is the ideal for you in the SEO industry? Why?
Q 6) Which SEO tool do you commonly prefer/
Q 7) Give some examples for your copywriting skills?
Q 8) What is your opinion about paid links?
Q 9) Tell us your opinion about paid links?
Q 10) Where do you see yourself with this experience in the SEO industry?

Admission Procedure

SEO Admission Procedure

Anyone want to have bright future in the internet marketing world. You can choose any of our SEO training courses and take easily admission to our training center.

You will have the all the detail of our Advance Internet Marketing course and professional SEO course on our website. Decide for which course you wants enroll yourself, fill up the form and complete formalities.

Eligibility Criteria:

Those who want to take admission for any course in our institute should be 10+2 or Graduate and have knowledge of computer & internet. After filling the Registration Form we will commune you for further communication and training process.

SEO Skills:

  • The following skills are required for taking this course:
  • Internet Browser usage
  • Email usage
  • Some HTML knowledge

For any help related to Professional SEO Course or Advance Internet Marketing Course, feel free to email us:

Call our expert to discuss about your requirement: +91-9871280005


SEO institute in Gurgaon is the best organization for internet marketing training programs, for those who wants to become professional in world of web business.

Here our training program will give excellent practical knowledge of internet marketing, which is beneficial for being professional.

At SEO institute in Gurgaon is highly equipped with latest technology. We provide labs with high speed internet facility and contended class rooms for training purpose.

Our training programs include knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC Management, and Search Media Optimization (SMO).

We provide fine quality training material to our students, which is helpful even for practical skills development.

  • Our lab features:
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Well-equipped with 50 computers
  • Antivirus installed on each system for safe self-learning
  • Consistent and high-speed internet lease line
  • Expert lab instructors
  • Own Windows & Linux based service
  • Complete power backup

Call our’s SEO expert trainer to discuss about your requirement: +91-9871280005


Best faculty of SEO institute in Gurgaon is the highlight feature of our institution. We have some of the experts in industry as our faculty. They have well experience of internet marketing. They will explore you the whole practical knowledge for your course, so you will be confident for moving in professional carrier.

We have all experts teaching faculty having vast knowledge of digital marketing and internet marketing as well as search engine optimization, PPC management, Online Reputation Management and Search Media Optimization. With having this knowledge you will also become expert of internet marketing.

While during the course, you will have chance to work on some live project so that you will have good practical knowledge and develop your skills under expert’s guidance. We arrange some external expert professional’s lectures for the guidance as well as latest industry updates, which is very beneficial for your carrier.

Mr. Sachin Gupta is founder of the SEO institute in Gurgaon, who lead our faculty. He has been working in web business from last seven years. So he always shares his experience in internet marketing to boost the new comers in industry. He is very much updated with latest internet marketing and he helps candidates in certain way, so that they can build their carrier in professional way.
Call our’s SEO expert trainer to discuss about your requirement: +91-9871280005


Now whatever knowledge you get is measured by skills as well as institution from where you get it is too important. So SEO institute in Gurgaon is winning institute, offers you a valued certification for your course.

After joining any course like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), PPC Management, You will have the complete knowledge about the course. While on completion of course, you will be honored by the certification of our institute for the specific course.

Certification for Learning SEO and Advance Internet Marketing program designates, candidate is having exclusive knowledge and comprehensive understanding web business. This certification is rewarding the candidate as marketing professional for his completion of specialized course.

Once you will have a certified course of Search Engine optimization, PPC, Search Media Optimization or Internet marketing declares expert one in the web industry. This will give you more advantage, while moving in the professional world.

So it is time to become a professional of internet marketing by getting certificate of SEO institute in Gurgaon. Hurry up! Join our institute and get your professional certification for the course. Get the more benefits of your course certificate in your professional world.

  • Our Internet Marketing & SEO certificate will help you in many ways.…
  • Getting appropriate job opportunities
  • Ability to support long-term business relationships
  • Ability to handle various professional aspects of your field
  • Valuable identification in the internet industry

Interne marketing courses and SEO course programs offer you valuable training material with vast practical knowledge. Our SEO institute in Gurgaon certificate has
great market value for IT carrier point of view.

Seo Course

Seo Course – Offer best SEO training courses for admirable success in online internet marketing. We will give you complete knowledge about structure and functionality of search engines, which is essential for online businesses. Here you will understand and learn all the skills & strategies of working with search engines. Learning these seo courses gives you the required skills to face the real world challenges and confidence to move in vast world of web business.

SEO Training Course

SEO Institute offering two types of internet marketing training courses; one is Professional SEO Learning Course is of 2 months course. In this course you will learn about all the fundamental of internet marketing and all about the search engine optimization. You will be able to know how to get a top rank for website and many more things. Our second course is Advance Internet Marketing Course is of 3 months course. In this course you have a benefit is you will learn first Professional SEO learning course, some more advance features like SMO, SEM, PPC, etc. .

Here are highlights of our courses :

  • Proven Techniques for Achieving High Rankings in Search Engines
  • Most Common Mistakes made by Website Owners seeking High rankings
  • Google Page Rank Update and System
  • Google Algorithm Update
  • Website Design for SEO
  • Content Development for SEO
  • Website Analytic in SEO
  • Getting Quality Links
  • Avoiding Google Penalty
  • SEO Developments
  • PPC Advertising
  • SMO – Social Media Optimization and Many More……

Call our’s SEO expert trainer to discuss about your requirement: +91-9871280005